How Callpay Improves the Effectiveness of Merchants 

Operating a successful business in today’s digital landscape requires a reliable payment processing solution. Accepting payments easily and securely is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction rates and boosting your bottom line. This is where we at Callpay come in – we are the payment experts dedicated to making your life as a merchant simpler, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. 

The Importance of Payment Processing for Merchants 

For any merchant, payment processing is much more than just accepting credit cards. It encompasses everything from integrating diverse payment methods on your website or mobile app to managing transactions securely and ensuring a seamless customer experience. Handling payments should never be an obstacle or point of friction in the buying journey. Instead, it should help build trust and confidence with customers. 

Some key reasons why payment processing is indispensable for merchants are:

  • Increases sales conversion rates: Smooth, fast, and secure checkouts encourage customers to complete purchases instead of abandoning their carts. 
  • Expands payment options: Giving customers more ways to pay – like cards, e-wallets, bank transfers – caters to different preferences and leads to more sales. 
  • Enables global reach: For ecommerce merchants, integrating global payment methods opens up new international markets. 
  • Improves cash flow: Faster payments mean you get access to funds quicker for reinvestment and day-to-day operations. 
  • Reduces friction: Taking payments effortlessly creates seamless customer experiences, which builds loyalty. 

As you can see, payment processing directly impacts a merchant’s ability to operate efficiently and profitably. The right solutions can set your business up for success. 

Introducing Callpay – Your Trusted Payment Experts 

We at Callpay offer comprehensive payment solutions tailored to help merchants like you simplify operations, reduce costs, and enable growth. With us, you get a single point of integration via our unified API, which provides access to a diverse suite of payment services. 

Our key differentiators include: 

Ease of Integration 

  1. Unified API for seamless access to all our payment solutions 
  2. Built-in fail-over mechanisms ensure continuous uptime 

Enhanced Security 

  1. Level 1 PCI-DSS v3 compliant to safeguard your transactions 
  2. Rigorous security protocols and regular audits 

Flexible Customisation 

  1. Multi-tokenisation to tailor payment processes for your specific needs 
  2. White-label solutions to brand the payment experience 

Seamless Reporting 

  1. User-friendly dashboard for easy reporting and reconciliation 
  2. Export statements, generate custom reports 

Excellent Customer Service 

  1. Dedicated account management 
  2. Quick resolution of issues by our support team 

With two decades of industry experience, we have  the expertise to handle all your payment processing needs efficiently. 

Range of Payment Solutions Offered by Callpay 

We offer an extensive suite of payment services designed to fit seamlessly into your business and enhance operations. 

In-House Services 

EFTsecure – Our own electronic funds transfer solution that allows customers to pay directly from their bank account using instant EFT. Supported banks include all major South African banks. 

Notify Express – Send customers payment links via SMS, email, or WhatsApp to collect payments. 

Agent Services – Agent assisted and automated options to securely process card payments without exposing details. 

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) 

We integrate diverse APMs beyond cards to enable more payment choice and flexibility: 

  • QR Payments: Zapper, SnapScan, Masterpass 
  • Vouchers: 1Voucher, BluVoucher, OTT Voucher 
  • Wallets: Capitec Pay, Mpesa, PayFlex 
  • Banks: EFTs, Instant Money, eWallet 

Catering to different payment preferences boosts conversion rates. Our single integration allows you to easily unlock the power of APMs. 

Card Payment Gateways 

We partner with all major South African and international card gateways and acquirers: 

  • Bidvest, PayGate, PayU, Peach Payments, Iveri, Ecentric, and more 

This makes card processing simple and gives you the benefits of our value added services. 


Seamlessly facilitate payouts to your customers: 

  • Bank EFT using our batches or API integration 
  • OTT Payouts via ATMs 
Transaction Monitoring 

Our intelligent monitoring tools provide visibility into all your transactions, enabling easy tracking and reconciliation. Get alerts for unexpected payment activity or downtimes. 

Invoices and Reminders 
Automate and customise digital invoices integrated with payment links to easily collect customer payments. Send automated reminders for unpaid invoices. 

Customer Support 
Our dedicated customer support team is available to quickly resolve any payment processing issues faced by your customers. 

And More… 
Along with digital payments, we offer value-added services to enhance your payment ecosystem and reduce manual efforts. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about our comprehensive range of payment solutions. 

Key Benefits Merchants Enjoy By Choosing Callpay 

Here are some of the major ways we at Callpay empower merchants and help improve business efficiency: 

Enhanced Payment Acceptance 
Our omni-channel payment processing capabilities allow you to accept payments through your website, mobile app, retail stores, call center, invoices, and more. We enable omnichannel commerce. 

Faster Payments, Faster Growth 
With access to multiple payment methods, seamless switching between providers, and faster disbursements, your cash flow is optimised. 

Greater Customer Satisfaction 
Welcoming diverse payment types and facilitating quick, smooth payments leads to happier customers. 

Simplified Reconciliation
Our user-friendly dashboard and detailed reporting help reconcile payments and gain business insights easily. 

Increased Sales, Reduced Cart Abandonment 
Offering customers their preferred way to pay drives conversion rates and lowers cart abandonment. 

Enhanced Security & Compliance 
Our solutions ensure secure handling of sensitive customer data, so you remain compliant and avoid penalties. 

Operational Efficiencies
Automation, switching capabilities, and consolidated reporting reduce manual efforts and saves time. 

Convenient Account Management 
Dedicated relationship management and quick issue resolution avoids hassles and improves experience. 

Seamless Global Expansion 
Our global payment network and partnerships enable your business to easily expand internationally. 

Insights for Data-Driven Decisions 
Comprehensive analytics and reporting provide data-backed insights to inform strategic business decisions. 

Reduced Overhead Costs 
By streamlining cumbersome payment operations, we help lower your overhead costs and administrative expenses. 

Enhanced Brand Reputation 
Our secure, reliable and seamless payments enhance the customer trust and loyalty in your brand. 

As you can see, we go beyond just payment acceptance – we are your trusted partner dedicated to improving business efficiency at every step. 

Get World-Class Payment Solutions with Callpay 

Accepting payments should never be a bottleneck that slows down your business growth. It should enable sales and optimise your operations. This is what we at Callpay strive to deliver through our secure, reliable, and tailored payment solutions. 

We make it simple for you to give your customers the flexibility and convenience they demand efficiently. Our expertise, technology, and service ensure you can focus on what matters – growing your business. 

To explore how we can transform your payment processing, please get in touch with our payments advisors for a personalised consultation. Or read more about our services, such as EFTSecure. Partner with us today to unlock the full potential of payments.