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Empowering businesses with
payment solutions

Callpay is a trusted payment solution partner for merchants and the digital payment industry. Our unique payment products are characterized by clever innovation, ease of use, and automation, enabling remote scaling.

Today, we serve some of South Africa’s largest enterprise merchants. Callpay is your trusted partner for all your payment needs.

Company Values

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We are honest,
ethical, and transparent
in all business

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Customer Focus

We prioritizing the
needs of customers
to deliver exceptional

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We Encourage creativity
and experimentation to
drive new ideas and

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We ensure the highest
level of security for
transactions is a top

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We create a culture of
inclusion where
everyone feels valued
and respected.

A range of
unique services
to merchants

Including built-in failover, transaction monitoring, and multi-tokenization. These services are unmatched in the industry and provide a comprehensive solution for your digital payment needs. With Callpay, you can trust that your payments are secure and meet PCI-DSS certification requirements.

We are payment

With various challenges like transaction failures, security threats, and customer disputes, we can quickly identify the root cause of an issue, analyse it objectively, and find effective solutions. We have an understanding of the payment industry’s regulatory requirements and emerging trends that help anticipate and address potential problems.

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Adapting to your changing needs and challenges

Whether it’s a big project or a small one, our advanced technology enables us to work with flexibility without making any compromises. While we take great pride in delivering premium quality products, we also recognize that customer support is equally, if not more, essential.

From Humble Beginnings to Great Success

How We Built a Successful Business

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