How Callpay can help your small business grow  

Starting and growing a small business in South Africa is a challenging yet rewarding journey filled with hurdles like managing finances, reaching new customers, and streamlining operations. At Callpay, we understand these pain points and have developed innovative payment solutions to help entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and nurture their ideas into thriving companies. 

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand, we acknowledge the grit required to run a successful business. That’s why we offer services tailored to companies at any stage, providing the tools and assistance needed to reach your goals. From keeping overhead costs low to scaling up supply chains, our expertise and smart systems give you room to grow on your terms. 

At Callpay, we want to see you flourish. We know that behind every small business is a passion that deserves support. By taking care of your payment processing needs, we empower you to turn that passion into a career and make a real impact. Together, we can help you reach your full potential. 

Recognising and Helping Business Growth 

At Callpay, we really understand the unique challenges and development goals of small businesses. As a trusted business partner, we provide tailored solutions to ease the pain points of small companies. Our suite of services and features is thoughtfully designed to empower entrepreneurs to tackle hurdles and climb higher. 

By using our offerings, small businesses not only get optimised systems but also a partner invested in their success. Let’s look at how our products can promote growth.

Expand Your Small Business with Our Products 

  1. EFTSecure: Smoothing Out Payment Flow

At Callpay, we understand the unique challenges small businesses face when managing cash flow and transactions. That’s why we developed our EFTSecure service – to provide a payment solution tailored for the needs of small businesses. 

EFTSecure offers online Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) processing that is streamlined and cost-effective. Compared to credit cards and vouchers, EFTSecure has low processing fees, saving small businesses money. The automatic reconciliation feature also saves valuable time and resources by removing manual reconciliation tasks. 

Additionally, EFTSecure is designed for quick and simple setup, allowing small businesses to get their payment system operational in no time. We know entrepreneurs need to minimise disruptions, so EFTSecure ensures a smooth, hassle-free transition. 

By supporting all major South African banks and enabling real-time EFT processing, EFTSecure also helps expand customer reach and improves cash flow – both vital for growing companies. Going beyond payment processing, EFTSecure aligns with small business growth objectives – enabling efficiency through secure, affordable payments. 


  1. Express Pay By Link: Simplifying Payments

Express Pay By Link brings convenience and simplicity to customers making payments. It enables businesses to send payment requests seamlessly via SMS or email. Customers can quickly pay through the link without redirects. 

For a small or new business, sending invoices and receiving payments smoothly is a major benefit. Pay By Link saves them admin time and makes paying easier. For customers, the simplified process boosts satisfaction. 

Additionally, Express Pay By Link provides enhanced security for transactions. The payment gateway safeguards customers’ financial information, reducing fraud risk and chargebacks. This promotes trust and more reliable revenue. The system also complies with standard security protocols, reassuring both businesses and clients. 

Moreover, Pay By Link’s flexibility suits various business models like retail, services, and ecommerce. Supporting multiple payment methods caters to diverse customer preferences, improving the experience. Seamless integration with business platforms also streamlines processes. This adaptability positions companies, especially small or new ones, to concentrate on sustaining growth. 


  1. Agent Request: Plug-and-Play Solutions

In a fast-paced business setting, time is precious. Agent Request by us at Callpay allows quick payments via customisable widgets sent to customers’ mobile devices. 

The plug-and-play solution saves agents’ effort in requesting and waiting for payments. For customers, paying through the widget is seamless. This time-saving capability enhances small business productivity and growth. 


  1. Direct Card Payments: Seamless Transactions

Delivering a smooth payment experience increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Callpay’s Direct Card Payments uses a Javascript widget to enable fast card payments without customers leaving the website. 

This not only makes buying seamless but also lifts conversion rates for businesses. Many South African consumers prefer card payments for convenience and safety. Direct card payments make it easy for small businesses to meet this demand. 


  1. Agent Assist: Real-Time Payment Efficiency

Maintaining operational efficiency is vital for small businesses to control costs. Our Callpay Agent Assist empowers call center agents to make payments in real time. This eliminates delays in awaiting approvals or confirmations. 

With Agent Assist, agents can provide quick, streamlined service. For entrepreneurs juggling multiple tasks, this time-saving tool is invaluable. By boosting agent productivity, it contributes to small business growth. 

Expand Your Small Business with Us  

We are a dedicated partner for growing small enterprises. Our specialised products, from EFTSecure to Agent Assist, address specific challenges and enable growth. It’s safe to say that we really do understand the unique needs of small business owners. 

By integrating our comprehensive solutions, entrepreneurs gain the support system to boost productivity, optimise operations, improve the customer experience and drive growth. We are a company helping small businesses grow by offering tools to overcome hurdles and scale sustainably. 

Take advantage of the services designed specifically for your company by us at Callpay. With the right solutions in place, small enterprises can turn challenges into growth opportunities. Let us lend your entrepreneurial journey a helping hand as a committed and trusted growth partner.