Frequently asked Questions

Why should I choose CallPay?
  • We are the first completely cloud hosted payment solution for call centers. This ensures scalability and reduces cost.
  • We are the first company in the world to be PCI level 1 V3.1 compliant.
  • There are no large upfront fees, you pay for usage
  • Easy setup, no onsite hardware required if SIP or IAX is supported by PBX.
Which payment switches are supported?
Currently we already have support for PAYU, PAYU Turkey & PayPal, but we can integrate with any PSP if it is a requirement.
How do we setup our call center to be able to use CallPay
For the agent assist & monitor products we simply create SIP trunk from your PABX to our SIP Proxy. We setup a outbound route with a special prefix to forward calls to the CallPay platform. After this step you can add agents and managers on the callpay manager interface. At this point you ready to start using the product.
What integration options do you have?

Some integration features include:

  • Webhooks to get realtime results as transactions succeed or fail.
  • Fetcing account balances in realtime.
  • All call logs and transaction logs can be accessed via the API.
  • We also have samples of how to completely integrate all our monitoring products directly in your applications.
  • Partners and resellers also have a set of API’s to automate creation of their merchants, agents and licences through our API.
Can I use my own voice overs?

Yes, you can record or upload your own audio in the media center.

What type of training does my call center staff need?

Training required for your call centre staff would be:
1.) Opening their browser and logging into their account.
2.) Understanding the process required to do a payment transaction via their browser and telephone.
3.) Being able to transfer the call to the CallPay platform and answer the callback call from the CallPay platform.

What type of internet connection do I need for the SIP trunk?

A reliable data connection to your ISP which is capable of handling 0.1 Mbit per call (up and down) when using G.711 A-law (PCMA), the amount of calls (bandwidth) you wish to handle simultaneously would determine your internet connection.

We use PSTN instead of voip, can we still use the product?

Yes, we only require a SIP trunk from your PBX to the CallPay platform if using Agent Assist and Agent monitor.

Do we need any additional hardware?

Agent Assist and Agent Monitor requires SIP trunking to the CallPay Platform, this significantly reduces call cost, in the event that your PBX does not support SIP you will be able to find various hardware solutions (SIP Gateways) which will assist in the transcoding of calls to your current analogue or digital PBX.