Collect payments over the phone using Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Quick Setup & Custom Integration

Agentless payments have never been this accessible.

Account Payments


Debt Collection

Integration Options

  • We can provided an phone number with no additional integration. Upload your accounts and your good to go.
  • Setup a SIP/IAX trunk and you can use an existing IVR extension or menu item to pointto our payment facility
  • Setup a SIP/IAX trunk and you can use an existing external phone number to point to our payment facility
  • We have API’s to upload or fetch account data in realtime.
  • We have API’s to reconcile account payments in realtime.


  • Upload CSV/Excel via the UI or API.
  • Reconcile by downloading transaction and call logs
  • Reconcile in realtime by specifying API settings


Custom Voice Overs

You will have the option to upload custom welcome messages or complete recorded voice over sets. We can also arrange voice overs for provided scripts.

Smart Detection

We auto detect phone numbers to associate them with a specific account and as a backup we can also ask for a phone number or reference number as search term.

Sign up for a Inbound Account

We handle all payment gateway integration, setup and recurring billing.
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